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Vision, Mission and Objectives


  • To enhance road safety standards.
  • To reduce the rate of accidents especially on fatality
  • To provide program and/or schemes with the view to enhance the national level of traffic safety and to take positive actions such as:
    • To educate the public including children on traffic safety and related matters.
    • To provide information and publicity on road safety behaviors.
    • To ensure drivers and other road users to be aware of the Road Traffic Laws.


  • To give view/advice to His Majesty's Government through the Ministry of Transport and Infocommunications on matters pertaining to the enhancing of the level of traffic safety.
  • To disseminate the benefits of traffic safety throughout the country especially on action requiring special attention among road users through the media and other related channels.


  • To reduce the number of traffic accident nationally.
  • To reduce the possibilities of traffic death and injuries in any accident for unprotected road users.
  • To increase the level of awareness of drivers and other road users to make safety on the road their first priority.